A wealth of information

A well-stocked digital library that helps the Netherlands develop further as a global logistics player – the Holland Logistics Library welcomes you.

Key players from politics, enforcement and the business community have been joining forces in the Top Sector of Logistics for some time now. A collaboration that has resulted in the Holland Logistics Library, among other things. This interactive information platform aims to help the Netherlands to develop further as a global logistics player.

The well-stocked digital library for trade and logistics is enjoying growing popularity. More and more companies are consulting the site to prepare themselves for a specific country or region where they want to do business. Information on customs-related topics is also available in abundance. For example, the service regularly uploads presentations, videos and fact sheets. Customs itself mainly uses the platform to stay abreast of super-fast innovation in the world of transport and logistics.

Curious? Click here to visit the Holland Logistics Library. If you register as a user, you will have access to the most up-to-date information.

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