State Secretary Snel opens State Inspectorate Terminal

The State Inspectorate Terminal provides an ultramodern location for joint goods inspections by various government agencies. Great news for the international business community.

11 April was a great day for the international business community. At the Maasvlakte II, in the Port of Rotterdam’s beating heart, the State Inspectorate Terminal was festively inaugurated. State Secretary for Finance, Menno Snel, performed the official opening of the complex, where integrated border control is given shape – in optima forma.

Where the CustomsInspection Warehouse once stood, the StateInspectorate Terminal now stands. The new name symbolises that numerous government agencies now fulfil their duty to society at this strategic logistics location. Surrounded by the largest container terminals in Europe, Customs, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the Living Environment and Transport Inspectorate jointly fulfil their coordinated border management tasks in response to the foreseen continuous steady growth of the transshipment industry in this area. With the new terminal, the three partners have a spacious, modern, and, more importantly, practical inspection facility, outfitted with the most convenient technical equipment. Cross-border trade and logistics benefit most from the intense collaboration between these regulatory agencies. After all, better coordinated physical inspections by various government agencies, at the same time and at the same place, will lead to fewer delays in the transport and distribution chain.

The new site is also home to Customs’ new practical training centre (PTC). This training complex for physical customs control is unique in the world. Amongst other things, the complex features an unprecedented training area for detection dogs. Also, a full-size model of a ship’s interior was built, inclusive of crew compartments, an engine room and various hallways and trunks. This life-like model helps members of the National Deep Rummage Team practice their detection skills when looking for smuggled goods. In addition, all possible types of containers have been set up, so participants can see exactly how criminals prepare the goods for smuggling. The complex also features areas where, in the near future, Customs officers in training can be taught by way of Virtual Reality and other innovative techniques. All in all, the new PTC enables Customs to train the very best professionals, even in the future.

The invitees were shown the latest Customs corporate film at the RIT's opening celebration. The video explains exactly what Customs’ strategic goals are and how the new multifunctional complex at the Maasvlakte contributes to the realisation thereof. Click on the link below to watch the video. 

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