“From experience I know that there is something wrong with the atmosphere in a container in about 20% of the cases. So you must watch out when you open the doors. For example, because the oxygen content is low. Certain types of fruit are shipped with little oxygen to stop further maturing during the transport. Usually there is a sheet between the cargo and container door for reasons of safety. However, when there is no sheet you could miss a few breaths of air. Moreover, Brussels stipulated that containers from outside the EU with furniture or wooden pallets should always be gassed against insects and mould. However, it is usually very hard to predict whether transporters, for example from China, actually gas their cargo. They often gas their cargo because legislation is not always very clear. Also when it is not necessary. In any case, the law stipulates that warning stickers must be placed on gassed containers. However, this does not often happen, because special cargo space must be reserved on a ship. And this results in extra costs.”

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