A dinosaur goes through customs

Recently customs officers at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport ‘scanned and released’ a genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A 66-million-year-old lady landed on Dutch soil following an intercontinental flight at the end of August. After customs officials had ‘scanned and released’ the skeleton of the female dinosaur, the last leg of the journey started: to the Leiden museum Naturalis. The well-known biologist and television presenter Freek Vonk assisted Tyrannosaurus Rex Trix on this trip.

Naturalis is the first European museum with a real T-Rex in its collection. The institute bought the skulls and bones of the meat-eating ‘king of the dinosaurs’ from a farmer in the American state of Montana, on whose land the prehistoric remains were discovered in 2013. The very well-preserved fossil can be admired in Leiden as from 10 September 2016.

A camera team of Schiphol filmed the arrival of Trix in the Netherlands. Staff of the Scan and Detection unit of Schiphol Cargo Customs play a modest role in the video report. Click on the following link to see the video.

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