Working for the WCO

A select group of Dutch Customs officers work as international consultants for the World Customs Organisation. Two of them tell about their adventures abroad.

A select group of Dutch Customs officers have been accredited by the World Customs Organisation as international consultants. They spend a few weeks a year advising foreign customs services on their ongoing development and professionalisation. What are their experiences?

Ten years ago the WCO launched the worldwide programme Columbus, which centres on capacity building: supporting organisations in their development. Numerous initiatives have been and are being developed to put improvement processes in place, calling on the expertise and experience of customs services that are already a few steps ahead. There is a huge amount of interest in this: more than three quarters of the 180 members of the WCO have registered for advice and support, and this percentage continues to rise.

Dutch Customs deploys a fixed pool of experts for missions under the WCO flag – primarily in the areas in which the Netherlands excels, such as risk management, AEO and supply chain management. Customs NL inSight spoke to two of these advisers about their work abroad. Navigate further to read their stories.

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