What all globetrotters need to know

This summer Customs NL will be holding a major multimedia campaign to inform travellers about what holiday souvenirs are and aren’t allowed.

It still happens all too often that passengers return from afar to Dutch airports with excess goods subject to excise duties or contraband in their luggage. This summer season Customs NL will be holding a major multimedia campaign to inform these people about what is and isn’t allowed. The aim of this is to avoid bringing people down when they return from their holidays.

These days there’s nothing unusual about going on holiday to Hawaii, visiting a family member in the Philippines or popping over to Kuala Lumpur for a conference. But despite the fact that we have all become globetrotters, by no means everybody knows that there are laws and regulations governing what we can take back with us from destinations outside of the EU. Admittedly, those regulations are fairly numerous and complex. That’s why Dutch Customs makes it easy for them by providing (among other things) a special app and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. This makes it easy to check or find out which souvenirs can be brought into the Netherlands – whether or not on payment of excise or import duties – and which cannot. Preparing for a trip abroad means not having to face unpleasant surprises when you return (additional tax assessments, fines, seizure of property).

To give its Customs travel app and activities on social media more publicity, Customs NL will be broadcasting radio spots and TV commercials during these months, as well as adverts in travel magazines and inflight magazines.

Click on the image below for an advance viewing of the advertising videos in the campaign.

The Customs travel app can be downloaded from the App-store for iOS and Google Play for Android. These can also be used offline. Passengers can ask Customs questions online using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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