(Almost) everything about the role of Dutch Customs in the approach to money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

€ 3,565,566

This is the total amount that Dutch Customs seized during 2015 when carrying out checks under EU Regulation 1889/2005. The service regulates the obligation to declare liquid assets – a measure aimed at countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Under this system people leaving or entering the European Union with € 10,000* or more in cash or securities are required to declare this to Customs. For that purpose there is a special declaration form for cash and securities, which can be downloaded at www.douane.nl and is available at airports and seaports. Passengers who correctly follow the procedure are issued with a document that enables them to demonstrate elsewhere that the cash (or bearer securities, for example) have been declared in the Netherlands.

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* In the case of foreign currency, the value must be converted into euros.

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